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Messi plays in FLOW

“I don’t plan or anticipate my play,” he said. “I do everything through instinct.”

The process of developing instincts is based in the flow state

  • Deliberate practice. This is when new connections between the neurons (“synaptic connections”) that are associated with that skill form in the brain. During this time, an effort is needed to concentrate on every small part of the movement involved in order to improve one’s performance.

  • Automaticity. With more practice, the synaptic connections become stronger, and performing that skill becomes easier and eventually, automated.

  • Priming Flow. Instinct comes from flow state dynamics, calming the breath, the focus (eyes) and brain (hypofrontality). This calms state allows focus upon task with greater time to execute without cognitive effort.

  • Flow state excellence is delivered with minimal effort maximum efficacy.


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