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eSports performance training

A scientific study Neuro-Stim (tDCS) with more than 17,000 data points per subject showed

  • Increase in high scores  - 12,9%

  • Improved reaction time - up to 20ms 

  • Improved accuracy & decisions - 7%  


eSports training 'eZONE'

Neuro-stimulation with Neuro-Sports 

Combining tDCS with training is safe and effective


Enhancing the time you spend on practice and periodise your practice,


Combining the correct training module & model to optimise natural brain activity.

eSports stimulation training should be a part of a multi-disciplinary approach including neurotracker, neuro-nutrition and lifestyle/sleep.

Performance Academy

Neuro-Stimulate the brain (tDCS)

Neuro-Stimulation (tDCS)  is a proven technique to improve sports performance 

  • Neuro-Stim once a day before training 

  • Train with a focus and flow

  • Accelerate training and learn skills

  • Faster reactions 7%

  • Greater peripheral awareness 

  • Improve decision making/pattern recognition

  • Track your performance to see progress


Use Neuro-Stim (tDCS)  within the Training & Competition eZone

Performance Academy
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 Flow & ZONE Performance 

  • Nutrition

  • Deliberate practice

  • Multisensory training

  • Neuro-Priming



  • Neuro-trackers

  • Eye tracking

  • Quick and easy

  • Real time info


WearBALE Tech 

  • Wearable Technology

  • Feedback Pupil Tracking

  • Brain patterns EEG

  • Stimulators  tDCS


 CoachING  Academy

  • Integrated programs into a Coach and Athlete focused coaching tool.

  • Simplifying the complexity of elite performance


 The Science of Neuro-Stimulation with tDCS

1. Neuro-Stimulation tDCS

Electrodes deliver a microcurrent to the regions of the brain that include attention, motor control, working memory and creativity. 

2. Neural plasticity enhanced with tDCS


T​he brain is constantly evolving and adapts to demands that it receives.

Neuroplasticity is the brain physically changing and creating new connections to improve information processing capabilities. 

tDCS enhances neuroplasticity by accelerating the rate of change and working with the brain to reach higher levels of connectivity faster.

While you game, several brain areas and networks are active. PlatoGame’s electrodes deliver a microcurrent to the regions of the brain that include attention, motor control, working memory and creativity. 

3. Use Neuro-Stimulation. prior to a training session or priming for competition.

Practising a specific skill or a game forms a new pattern of activity in the brain which will over time create new connections to facilitate improved performance.