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'Zone Of Flow

The 4 steps to the ZONE of flow where elite sports performers 

'ZONE of Flow'

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The Neuro-Sports Academy provides a step by step approach to the 'ZONE of FLOW'.

This can be coached as part of athlete conditioning.

Neuro-GYM delivers Bio Feedback



find and hold 

the state of flow

Access the state of flow in the 'ZONE' within

Neuro-GYM and the Academy

Does time really slow?


Athletes have more time to execute skills 

External noise is cancelled  and senses are more focused

Pre-frontal brain becomes quiet and the flow state optimises higher executive functions

Access the state of flow in the 'ZONE'

The highest level of sports performance


in the Zone of Flow


"in the zone' players gain

Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 12.45.05.png

Improved decision making

Senses  become elevated,  notably vision sound and feel.


Performance becomes centrally focused, yet peripherally aware.


 'Quiet Eye' is a biomarker and tool to prime the state of flow.

Multi-sensory noise is filtered and cancelled.

Skills to access the state of flow in the Academy.


 Flow - ZONE 

  • Whoop

  • Focus Calm

  • Multisensory 

  • Neuro-Priming Halo-Neuro



  • Neuro-training

  • Access the Zone of Flow

  • Comp Priming

  • Halo Neuro



  • In Play Tech

  • Real-time biofeedback

  • Brain pattern 

  • Stimulators  



  • Integrated programs .

  • Accreditation 

  • Membership

  • Fellowship

 The Science of
 'the state of flow'

1. Train the brain : 

Now using new technologies these research techniques can be used in Virtual Reality and most importantly the field of play. Modile wearable tech with real time bluetooth linkage to handset or phone provides simple interactive platform for the coach and athlete to open up objective and biometric methods of skill acquisition and refinement.

Learning New Skills:

In  sports performance we start out with beta brain waves to learn and process new skills. Then quickly move into alpha and eventually theta patterns when the so called muscle memory occurs.

Performing under pressure. Being 'in the Zone'

The flow state / ‘in the zone’ is achieved through our brains functioning at a specific brain pattern / frequency.

This is  called the Alpha-Theta Brain Wave Border where you are in the middle of your conscious and subconscious mind. It as if the world has slowed almost as if in the movie 'Matrix'. Thus perception of slowed time allows athletes to perform efficient movement and precise reactions to a complex environment or skill.

Neuro-Sports offers multiple strategies, these include

Modulation of existing training or new performance enhanced training whilst wearing monitoring devices. In the same way as you might monitor heart rate, speed or power. Using Neural Feedback training regimes can be optimised to the individual athlete to prepare athletes for the pressure moments.

2. Neural plasticity

Neuro-sports believes that 'muscle memory', as described by many, is more a process of neural plasticity and ambient brain wave processing(cognition).

3. Nerve Flow requires natures stimulants Sio called neurotransmitters 

Dopamine - increases attention, information flow, and pattern recognition

Norepinephrine – This speeds up heart rate, muscle tension, and respiration

Endorphins - endorphins relieve pain and induce pleasure

Anandamide - released in exercise-induced flow states and elevates mood, relieves pain, dilates blood vessels, and aids in respiration.

Serotonin – At the end of a flow state, serotonin fills the brain producing an “after-glow” effect. This leaves you with a post-exercise feeling of bliss and is only felt once the flow state has already come and gone.

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