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Neuroscience of Sports Performance

neuro-sports offers the key to unlock athlete potential.


The Science of Elite Performers

"Performance is all in the head" is often quoted by coaches.

Neuro-Science is a paradigm shift in performance coaching to enhance sports performance.

Driving elite sports performance by upgrading neural flow to be ‘in the zone’ to win.

Feeding the the neural pathways to success by nutrition and enhanced sensory training.

Fuel the brain and neural systems with BDNF and NGF.

Unlock Athletic Potential

Five keys to fast track sports perfomance

  1. Neuro-SCIENCE has opened up a pandora's box of tricks to access and hijack performance

  2. Neuro-PLASTICITY allows greater skill acquisition and recovery from injury

  3. Neuro-FEEDBACK is delivered by simple and wearable biomarker devices linked to mobile phone or watch

  4. Neuro-PRIMING allows access to greater strength and conditioning

  5. Neuro-ZONE allows neural flow to access time dilation and panoramic vision.

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Technology for Performance
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 "Neuroplasticity is the key to performance"  Nick Dash

Simple 5 keys to support the athlete and coach

1.  Simplify the complexities of neuroscience to deliver focus on the field of play.

2. Pitch side technology and techniques

3. Conditioning muscular co-ordination, strength and endurance through neurological conditioning. 

4. Upgrading skill acquisition through setting a ZONE of neuro-plasticity

5. Priming the brain and nerves to perform beyond previous set boundaries.

“Sporting success is found within Neuro-Cognitive ability to learn new skills and perform under pressure.

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Hacking sports performance

eSports or regular sports

Hacking is the future to gain the performance edge.

Current training only access a very limited part of the brains performance.


Hijack or 'hack' sports performance

 Strength & Conditioning is achieved

'in the zone'

Train in the ZONE

Feed the ZONE

Perform in the ZONE

"Neuro Sports 'ZONE is a real game changer in sporting performance"

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  • Muscle Memory

  • Strength

  • Speed

  • Endurance

  • Perform under Pressure


Neuro Recovery 

Train to recover

  • Optimise training recovery

  • Recover better and faster

  • Reduce burn-out

  • Information chunking

  • Improve skill acquisition



Coaching Tools

  • Newsletter

  • Accreditation

  • On-Line

  • On field Workshops

  • Membership

  • Wearable Tech



Locate a Specialist

  • Geographical

  • Sport specific

  • Athlete

  • Team and Institution

  • Coach

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