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Hack FLOW for Success

Can we really hack those effortless states that extend the boundaries of human performance?

World Class performers generate FLOW to break records.

The 3 Pillars of FLOW from Performance-FLOW

1. Biochemical : Enriched neurochemical ecology including BDNF, brain derived neurotrophic factors and Neurotrophic. Command centre and neural stimulation that facilitates a fast twitch brain and fast twitch messaging that preceeds the fast twitch fibre. Feeding the neurogenic pathway is the foundation of muscle memory. Neurochemically FLOW triggers the release dopamine and adrenaline into our system and propel our attention into the present moment. These neurochemicals allow us to have intense focus and increase awareness on a single task at hand.

2. Physiology : Action potential in the central, neural pathways and neuromuscular junctions.

Creating a novel, just super threshold and pulsed modulated environment drives flow in training and performing under pressure. Biofeedback of brain and body. Wearable tech provides immediate biofeedback to allow athletes to improve self awareness.

3. Neurocognitive : In much the same way as a Garmin might provide feedback on heart rate. Or understanding heart rate variability and lifestyle cues from WHOOP. We now have ways of measuring and therefore controlling brain wave patterns that predict FLOW and allow athletes to hack performance in a competitive arena. Calm Focus can be regulated through the Performance-FLOW and Neuro-Sports

in synchrony the 3 pillars lead to success. Learn more from the free newsletter.


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