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BDNF : Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor

BDNF fertiliser for the brain

and fuels nerve transmission.

BDFN fuels 'muscle memory', skill acquisition and performance

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Muscle Memory = BDNF + Training

BDFN builds Muscle Memory.

  • Fast twitch neural pathways, 

  • Faster speed of reactions,

  • Greater power,

  • Foundation of the 'Flow State' and 'Performance Zone' 


Muscles don't have memory.

Muscle memory is found within the neural pathways achieved when training is supplemented with BDNF.

The BDNF program includes diet and training in a periodized protocol.

Fresh Ingredients

Curcumin reduces oxidative stress.

Performance, recovery and prevention of concussion. 

Reservatrol and other anti-inflammatory foods such as Omega 3s are BDNF supplements.

Customised  diet and supplementation should be based on blood screening, age, gender and activity profiling.

Dash Neuro Diet (DND)

encompasses optimised diet and lifestyle (training, outdoors and sleep)

*Diet should be supervised by an appropriate specialist and not be continued for long period


Supplement & Diet
for BDNF

Chocolate Bark

Increase your BDNF
with tech diet and training

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BDNF production is affected by various factors like

exercise, nutrition, supplements, sleep and stress.


Neuro-Sports Exercise significantly increases levels of BDNF which improves performance, neuro-protection and concussion recovery.

Sensory stimulation increases the expression of BDNF when used in conjunction with exercise and nutrition. 

Nutritional supplementation and dietary intake can up-regulate BDNF and enhance performance.

Stress and sleep management has been demonstrated improved levels of BDNF, improving emotional wellbeing that supports performance in training and competition. 


This can be supported with the neuro-sports, 'In the Zone' protocol and Neuro-Sports® recommends Whoop, FlowZone, Dash Diet for BDNF and pulsed training.

The Science:

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What is BDNF?

BDNF is a naturally-occurring protein in the brain that improves athletic performance and neural recovery.  Assisting ecovery from concussion and reducing symptoms associated with post concussion syndrome.

BDNF protects and repairs your brain cells, increases the growth of new brain cells, and improves learning, memory and mood.

How to boost BDNF?

  • Foods and Natural Supplements

  • Exercise that is modified to optimise BDNF

  • Lifestyle and multi-sensory training in a sensory rich environment,

  • including out-doors, has demonstrated increased BDNF and brain capacity.

Food or Supplementation? 

Foods that naturally contain the appropriate nutrients have suffered nutrient depletion either by over farming or simply by over-cooking or processing. In such cases, supplementation may prove to be the most efficient way of dosing up form BDNF.

Supplementation may offer a solution to this and also provide easy access when traveling or in a busy schedule with work. However in some cases the absorption of nutrients is better with a companion nutrient that is found in whole food. Some substances simply boost the absorption of others.

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