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Access FLOW

Flow priming is essentially creating an environment that help us generate flow. Neurochemically these triggers release dopamine and adrenaline into our system and propel our attention into the present moment. These neurochemicals allow us to have intense focus and increase awareness on a single task at hand. There are two broad categories:

1. Individual triggers- triggers that rely on our own internal map and models and

2. Group triggers- a group collective state of mind. This is basically when groups of people utilize a shared flow through collaboration.

Some of the “triggers”, or pre-conditions, overlap, however there are roughly 10 of each category.

Furthermore, these triggers are broken down into 4 categories:

Biochemical : Enriched neurochemical ecology including BDNF, brain derived neurotrophic factors and Neurotrophic. Command centre and neural stimulation that facilitates a fast twitch brain and fast twitch messaging that preceeds the fast twitch fibre. Feeding the neurogenic pathway is the foundation of muscle memory.

Physiology : Action potential in the central, neural pathways and neuromuscular junctions.

1. Psychological- these triggers are influenced by your emotions and how you deal with them

2. Social- these are closely linked to group flow triggers

3. Environmental- we can manipulate our environment to increase the probability of flow. This is about how we relate to the environment around us to respond with a flow state

4. Creative- there is only one trigger here: creativity. There are some creativity boosters we can use to get us into flow.

Finding the right triggers that work for you is done by trying them out. The most successful at flow are those that use a combination of triggers from each category together.


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