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Flow State to World Champion

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Most athletes will have experienced moments where performance is effortless almost instinctive. This is a natural state of elite performance termed the ‘flow state’ or being ‘in the zone.’ In 2023, yes this year, Matt Weston won the World Championship. In which sport?

Most world records were broken by athletes unintentionally tapping into flow states.

“Flow state' and Performance-Flow is the source code of elite performance,” says Nick Dash world renowned neuro-optometrist and sports performance specialist.

And it is suggested that the flow state is the key to many breakthroughs in sports, arts, science and business.

“Accessing the ‘state of flow’ has long been like searching for pandoras’ box. We are now at the edge of an evolutionary leap into greater athletic performance with wearable tech that allows biofeedback and neural stimulation that will improve reaction times, half the time to learn new skills, improve neuro-muscular conditioning and access the state of flow for even greater sports performance under pressure. Neuroscience offers the key to opening Pandora's box to achieve the next level of performance in sports, esports and the arts”

PerformanceFlow has been privileged to work with the beta development versions of devices to be launched in 2023 and has a history of working with more than 100 of the world’s best athletes and world cup winners.

Only weeks into 2023 Performance-Flow has supported more World and European gold medalists.

The latest wearable sensors to be launched in 2023 will allow brain wave patterns, eye movement and other biometrics to allow multisensory biofeedback and neural stimulation to allow athletes to drop into the state of flow using multi-sensory techniques that are guided by real-time biofeedback.

Athletes can drop into the ‘flow state’ to perform ‘in the zone’ whilst training ar priming immediately before and within the competition.

How to Trigger Flow States Instead of Anxiety?

The key feature of the state of flow is reaching the Alpha / Theta brain wave threshold.

Measuring brain patterns, similar to measuring heart rate, can allow athletes to tap into the mechanisms that work for them and develop breathing strategies, priming routines and visualisation that works best for them. As all athletes differ, what works for one might not work for another. Using these biofeedback devices allows the coach and athlete to achieve ultimate sports performance in the most challenging of situations. PerformanceFlow offers an individually customised program online, remote or in-person protocol based upon the latest scientific evidence and experience of elite athletes.


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