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Neuro Tracker

Track and train sports performance

Real Sports or ESports performance

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NeuroTracker #1

The world’s most scientifically-validated

cognitive training technology trusted by

elite athletes,


& health professionals

to increase brain performance.





Performance Academy

Faster more accurate processing

Neuro-sensitivity to analyse and process informations accurately

Training  visual memory for improved learning of skills

Faster decision making through pattern recognition to improve decision making

Performance Academy
Performance Academy
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 Esports & conventional sports performance

Centrally focused

Peripherally aware

Read the game

Execute your skills 

Limiting distractions


  • Faster 20ms reactions

  • Strength 4% gains

  • Endurance 7% gains

  • rimimg performance



  • Neuro-tracker and training

  • Cognition

  • Spatial Perception

  • Priming


Wearable Tech

  • Eye Tracking

  • Brain patterns EEG

  • Skill acquisition

  • Skill execusion


 CoachING  Academy

  • Integrated programs into a Coach and Athlete focused coaching tool.

  • Simplifying the complexity of elite performance


 The Science of Neuro-Track & Train

1. Neuro-Tracking

More than 80% of the neural pathways entering the brain are from the visual system. Utilising these within a neuro-plastic environment allows for up to 40% gains in pattern recognition, peripheral awareness and reading of the game or learning patterns of play. These cognitive functions are what separates the truly great from the professionals 

2. Neuro-Training


T​he brain is constantly evolving and adapts to demands that it receives.

Neuroplasticity is the brain physically changing and creating new connections to improve information processing capabilities. 

tDCS enhances neuroplasticity by accelerating the rate of change and working with the brain to reach higher levels of connectivity faster.

While you practice, play  several brain areas and networks are active. When a player is returning from injury they can sometimes need an adaptation time. This can be shortened with the use of neurotrack, train and priming for match day situations . Improving attention, motor control, working memory and creativity. 

3. Use NeurotrackerX for competition.

Practising a specific skill or a game forms a new pattern of activity in the brain which will over time create new connections to facilitate improved performance. Using Neurotracker as part of the training and periodisation of training can assist in learning new skills and creat fast track neural pathways to speed decision making on the field of play.

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