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a performance enhancing program

Neuro-track, train and prime
Gain the competitive edge



the key to 'on-field' performance."

Technology for Performance

Neuro-Priming the science of success

Priming the neural system, activates the muscles to improve reaction times, read game situations,  improves skills, acts as noise cancelling and supports the 'state of flow"/ 'ZONE'

Muscle memory ,

is found in the neural pathways.  Effectively co-ordinating muscle and priming muscle actions delivers more power speed and efficiency.(endurance)


Perform under pressure,

 is a feature of the  Neuro Sports Flow / Zone


Neuro Strength & Conditioning

muscle groups to perform skills with greater ease accuracy and efficiency. Evidence shows muscles react faster and more accurately.

"Neuro is real game changer in sporting performance"

Track, Stimulate and 
Prime Performance

Scientific validated tool-box.

Neurotracker and transdermal neural stimulation

Enhances Muscle Memory.

Perform under pressure.

Decision making.

Pattern and working memory. 

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Track, Train and Prime


  • Muscle Memory

  • Strength

  • Speed

  • Endurance

  • Perform under Pressure



Train to recover

  • Optimise training

  • Recover better and faster

  • Concussion Syndrome

  • Concussion Diagnosis

  • Acute & Long Concussion diagnosis and treatment 



Coaching Tools

  • Newsletter

  • Accreditation

  • On-Line

  • On field Workshops

  • Membership

  • Wearable Tech



Locate a Specialist

  • Geographical

  • Sport specific

  • Athlete

  • Team / Institution

  • Coach

10 years of Neuro-Sports Development


Trusted by many of the worlds best athletes

Olympic Gold Medalists and World Champions

Individual Athletes,


National Sports Bodies

since 2002

Practical Clinics and Workshops.

Delivering clinics in Neuro-Sports that include

skill acquisition,

performing under pressure,

concussion screening,

prevention and management, 

Neurotracking and accelerated safe return to play

On-line and practical hands on clinics around the world from Australia, Malasia, Europe & USA

Research & Product Development

Product evaluation and implementation

adidas, Oakley, Nike, Neurotracker,

current projects and affiliations upon request.

Neuro-Optometrist & Applied Neuroscientist

Founder of the Dash Institute for Sports Performance

Clinical Lead and Co-Founder of Neuro-Sports​

Recognised across the world as a leader in Sports Performance. 


Keynote Speaker on platforms across the globe.

From Auckland to Zurich, Harvard School of Medicine to Royal College of Physicians London.

Multi-award winning clinician.


Decades of experience with many world leading athletes and teams.

England & Wales Cricket Board

Movistar Cycling

Olympic Summer and Winter Athletes & Teams

England RFU

Premiership Football Clubs

Tennis Lawn Tennis Association

Sailing RYA

& many others


Nick Dash 

Founder of Neuro-Sports

ND Olympics Portrait.jpg

Confidentiality of athletes assured

(Clinician Confidentiality Assured)


Priming to 'Make the Best Better'.

Developing Concussion and Head  Trauma protocols..

Pitch-side & Accelerated Rehab tools.

Neuro Priming Sport Performance

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