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Football Performance 
Neuro Performance gains from Football concussion syndrome
Neuro Protection from concussion


Neuro-Prime® & NeuroTrack

Improve spatial awareness.

Read the game.

Track the ball and player simultaneously

Priming Penalties, taking or saving.

Read earlier cues to successfully read the game


Neuro Tracker technology partners include:


  • Manchester United

  • Matt Ryan: Atlanta Falcons

  • Steph Curry: Golden State Warriors

Decision Making

  • Improved cognition and decision making in the chaos of competition​

  • In the state of flow

  • Neuro-ZONE®

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  • Multiple Target Tracking within the sporting scene.​

  • Wide field of view.​

  • Making the play

  • Neuro-Tracking

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  • Elite performance​

  • Higher Cognitive Function​

  • Neuro-Prime ®

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Peripheral aware 

  • Integrate multiple Technologies to assist  coach and athlete.​

  • Neuro-Tracker

  • Neuro-Stim

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Get "in the zone" 

The performance zone where the world around slows, skills become automated to allow fine adjustments of skill

the Zone of Flow offer 'Time dilation 'and 'panoramic vision'.

  1. Train the brain to 'drop into' the 'performance zone'.

  2. Feed neuro-cognition through diet and practice

Train the brain for match day

Neuro-Sports offers multiple strategies,

Integration into existing training schedules

Enhanced training whilst wearing monitoring devices.

Neurotracking off-field training regimes

On-pitch player customised skill priming

Skill execution under pressure

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Support muscle memory & proprioception

 'muscle memory' is a process found in  neural pathways and plasticity. 

Priming muscle structure and reactions,  improves power speed and endurance

Supplements and a modified diet support both NGF and BDNF and are crucial in neural plasticity and hence skill acquisition and brain function.

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Faster reaction, greater endurance 

To support the brain and nerves we have to support the neurotransmitters implicated in attaining the Zone State.

  1. Dopamine

  2. Norepinephrine

  3. Endorphins

  4. Anandamide

  5. Serotonin

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