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Recovery Programs for

Long Concussion Syndrome

CTE = Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Long Concussion Syndrome

Recovery from TBI and Concussion Based on the Science of Neuroplasticity

Neuro-plasticity offers regenerative

opportunities years after injury

  • Reducing Chronic Symptoms of

  • memory loss

  • brain fog,

  • dizziness,

  • vertigo, light sensitivity, sleep disruption,

  • emotional and other issues

Training Post Repetitive Concussion

Post Concussion Syndrome

home or training ground

Online tools and Apps


Pupils reflex 

SCAT5 online

Clinical evaluation

Clinic functional tests
Electro neuro diagnostics


Pupil reactions and Eye Movement.

Treatment for
Post Concussion Syndrome

Post Concussion Tool Box

Re-programming with Neuro-plasticity

Supporting Brian recovery through an active BDNF strategy

  1. Nutrition, IONIC

  2. Neuro-Training & Stimulation (tds)

  3. NeuroTracker

Specialist is long term recovery

Concussion Intervention step by step

Therapy for
Long  Concussion Syndrome

Chronic  Neuro Rehabilitation

Neural Plasticity extends for years following  TBI. I


Neuroscience offers the key to recovery

  1. Nutrition, IONIC

  2. Neuro-Training & Stimulation (tds)

  3. NeuroTracker

Find a Online tools and accredited specialist

Post Concussion  Academy

Access the latest information regarding Post Concussion Syndrome

  1. New treatments

  2. Online tools

  3. Access to Specialist 




Athlete, Coach or Orgnaization

Brain Scans

Recovery from long term concussion syndrome.

Long term concussion syndrome and is a degenerative brain disease caused by repetitive hits.

Sometimes called CTE is not about single concussions.

The symptoms of CTE creep slowly, taking 8 to 10 years to manifest after initial repeated brain traumas, and can grow worse over decades. Here’s a diagram of what’s happening inside the brain as CTE grows more and more severe.

It’s the result of repeated concussions — and even head impacts that are not quite as severe — which can result in lasting structural changes in the brain.


“The pain you feel is not necessarily an indicator of the damage that does to your head,”

Brains with Long Concussion or CTE accumulate a protein called tau (which is believed to be dislodged from brain fibres during an injury). Tau clumps together in the tissues of the brain, interrupting critical information flow.

Help is at hand with a customised program that helps neurogenesis. 


New science shows how we can support the Brain. This process is called Neurogenesis and Neuralplasticity.


The so called  Brain Derived Neural Growth Factor BDNF may be the key to supporting recovery.

Neuro-Sports 'IONIC' offers a treatment and tracking of Neurogenesis .


It is an online or clinic based monitoring and therapy of post concussion syndrome.

It involves a simple 20 minute online train and evaluate tool to be used 3 to 5 times a week.

Advice on nutrition, lifestyle and physical exercise runs alongside this program,

This is an active process involving computer based  exercises and multi sensory programs.

At the core is the most scientifically validated online tool and  Neuro-Tracker.

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