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Concussion foods, nutrition and supplements. 
Recovery and prevention.


First aid to long concussion syndrome recovery


The Brain Recovery Diet

Right food and quantity at the right time

  • Neuro-recovery.

  • Neuro-sensory

  • Neuro-protective

  • Neuro-cognitive

  • Neuro-plasticity


Muscle and nerves go hand in hand. Improving sensory and motor nerves drives muscle function and conditioning


  • Flight & Fight System

  • Anti- stressors

  • Quiet Noise

  • System Flexibily

  • Natural yoga compounds


  • Nuerogenic Factors

  • Brain Derived Neural Growth

  • Cognition and Decision

  • Neural Growth Factor

  • Speed and Neural Feedback


  • ATP  for neural energy

  • Mid Chain Tri

  • Transmission

  • Recovery

  • REC


  • Cognition


Diet & natural supplements

Exercise, poor diet due to lifestyle and poor soil have depleted 'essential nutrients' found in our diet.

Essential Performance Nutrients 

A-Z : Amino Acids to Zeoxanthin

Performance & Repair Factors BGDF & NGF


Natural diet or natural sourced supplements.

ION- Champ-ion Supplements

Diet or Supplement?

Modified diet for Neural Sporting Performance.


Amino acids to Neuro-Keto to Vitamins.


Anti-inflammatory Pro Neurogenic Diet

Neuro-Keto Diet: Train, Recover, Compete


Individualized program based on person, sport, phase of training.


Collaboration with S&C, Team Nutritionist or stand alone for individualized program.


Neuro-keto diets

IONIC range of optimal neuro-sports

Pills on Spoons


The brain is approximately 2% of the human body mass and uses 20–25% of the total energy expenditure.

Depletion of nutrients from modern diets or foods grown in mineral deficient soils make it difficult to acquire the optimal levels for highest performance.

5 most essential groups of vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens for your brain

  • Vitamin B & D : For Speed, Power Energy and Resilience

  • Choline: For Neural transmission recovery and stress resilience

  • Minerals: As Nervous System plasticity and skill acquisition and recovery

  • Antioxidants: To improve Cognitive function and decision making

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