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Accelerated Return to Play & 


Treatments for all stages of concussion

Accelerated Return to Play - Principles


An accelerated concussion 'Return to Play' can be implemented to reduce the time away from training and play. This is based on a scientific '5 step' return to play' protocol.

Using the 'NOISE' process.

  1. Neural Growth and Repair.

  2. Oxygenation and Circulation.

  3. Inflammation down regulation.

  4. Scar and Protein modulaton.

  5. Elevated Cell Signalling.


Shortening the return to play and improving the cognitive function upon return to play.

  • Neuro-Protective Protocols,

  • Neuro-Regenerative Programs,

  • NeuroGenic Nutrition & Supplementation, 

  • Cognitive Exercise and Modulated Stimulation,

  • Graduated and Pulsed Physical Activity, 

  • Vision  & Vestibular Program of Neuro-Optometry,

  • Adjusted Proprioception,

The ultimate goal is not only regain pre- concussion baselines but to surpass previous levels of cognitive function, proprioception, visual spatial awareness, dynamic vision, improve focus and attaining greater control of the alpha brian that is associated with performance and sporting 'focus' .

Step 1. (at time of TBI)

Clinically validated tool for diagnosis including objective &  subjective  tests.

Using world leading technologies of testing and treating the athlete.

Step 2. (at time of TBI)

Initial TBI 'First Aid Kit' that includes Neuro-genic Supplements to reduce Oxydative Stress and the formation of Reactive Free Oxygen Species that are the damaging components of the inflammatory cascades associated with TBI.

     Step 3. (day 1)

(monitoring dependent on severity)

Severity and referral along the appropriate pathway.

Multi-disciplinary team approach based on needs.

Step 4. (week 1)

Athlete centered approach to rest, with a planned Neurosensitivity 

with an emphasis of accelerated return to play at the earliest and safe resumption of training and play.

Controlled re-introduction of the following based on a individual and targeted program of neuro-stimulation.

Pulsed exercise (sub to super threshold)

Cognitive Stress

Neurological Stress Management

Vestibular and Visual Rehabilitation

Neuro-Optometric Therapy




Step 5. (week 2 onwards)

Prescribe a mid to long term strategy 

to reduce any residual symptoms  and improved cognitive state.

Further information can be obtained on the Professionals Enquiry page and is based on your location and regulatory processes that exist within the area of treatment.




Metrics of Concussion

  • Mobile phone apps

  • SCAT 5

  • Glasgow index

  • Saliva Testing

  • Bsseline



  • Screen

  • Refer or Rest

  • First Aid Kit for head injury

  • Safe recovery

  • Accelerate RTP


RECOVERY Protocols 

Return to Play Protocols

  • Optimise recovery by intervention

  • Recover better and faster

  • Concussion Symptom management

  • Acute & Long Concussion diagnosis and treatment 



Concussion Management

  • Newsletter

  • Accreditation

  • On-Line

  • On field Workshops

  • Membership

  • Protocols and Testing

Concussion Syndrome Treatments 

Concussion symptoms can persist for months and years leading to Long Concussion Syndrome

Managing and treating concussion at all times.


Technology can limit or overcome symptoms of concussion

Headaches & Migraines

Sensitivity to light


Foggy Head


Neuroplasticity is the key to concussion management in the short and long term concussion.

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