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Neuro-Sports Membership, Academy and accreditation.

Membership services

The Academy

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  • NSA Skills/Fellowship and Accreditation Program.

  • Multi-Disciplinary Online and/or Hands-On Workshops to develop and support the highest level of clinical abilities and scientific knowledge in the field of Neuro-Sports.

  • Multi-level program to enhance the clinical skills and knowledge

  • Progressive accreditation is obtained through participation at the three levels of the program.

  • Participants will be presented with the designation Fellow of the Neuro-Sports Association (FNSA).

  • Individuals may also choose to attend the live Clinical Skills Level I and Level II courses without enrolling in the NSA Fellowship program. 

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Join the Academy today to take your training to the next level​

New Ideas

Simplifying the complexity of science to give simple training advice & plans


Many free to subscribe webinars detailing the technology & techniques


Multi-disciplinary Academy Fellowship. online and workshops


Become an accredited specialist on the find a specialist 'locator'

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