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Sports Performance and  Rehabilitation Consultant.

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Nick Dash BSc  Bio. BScOpt. MCO. DSVA

CEO Sports Vision Institute UK

World leader in Neuro-Sports


Applied Neuroscientist

Sports Vision Specialist to Many of the Worlds Best Athletes

Founder of the Dash Institute for Sports Performance

Clinical Lead and Co-Founder of Neuro-Sports

Recognised across the world as a leader in Sports Performance. 

Athlete and Team Coaching

Inclusive of many Olympic Gold Medalists

World Champions and World Leading Teams.

Keynote Speaker on platforms across the globe.

From Auckland to Zurich,

Harvard School of Medicine to Royal College of Physicians London.

Multi-award winning clinician.


Practical Elite Sports Clinics and Workshops.

Delivering clinics in Neuro-Sports that include

skill acquisition,

performing under pressure,

concussion screening, prevention and management, 

Neurotracking and accelerated safe return to play

Decades of experience with many world leading athletes and teams.


Special interests include 'Making the Best Better'

Concussion and Head  Trauma in Sport

Neuro Priming Sport Performance