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Full system tools..


tools are designed to help all those involved in the identification, management, and care of a suspected concussion.

Pitch Side or Changing Room Pupil Test

Pupillary light reflex and autonomic innervation has a long-standing history for medical personnel to rapidly gauge brain injury and impairment.  

This should never take the place of a full Neurological assessment.

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FAQs Assessment tools for Concussion

So, what does using the pupillary light reflex offer


It means you have that code scanner for the human brain now. Specifically, for the autonomic nervous system and autonomic innervation in both its sympathetic and parasympathetic forms.


This is critical when trying to rapidly and reliably evaluate your patients during their visits. Such a simple test can truly have a massive impact on your ability to deliver better care to your patients.


Here’s what you can do with it:

• Validate your therapies from your most common to most critical of cases.
• Track patient progress during these therapies with objective autonomic data.
• Grow your patient’s confidence with actionable data you can review with them.

Track progression by determining how parameters are progressing as the patient recovers or you can validate your patient’s performance as a part of their final treatment and evaluation.

A Tool You Can Use Immediately and speed of diagnosis is the first step to meaningful treatment. It’s actually an App for iPhone .Reflex allows functional neurologists to have a multi-use neurological assessment tool at their fingertips, allowing them to validate treatments, grow patient confidence, and increase patient loyalty. All with a rapid test method in an excellent formfactor to allow you to hold the phone’s camera up to the patient’s eye and take the measurement.

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