Sensory Feedback Training

Sensory perception for skill acquisition.                        Sensory control to Perform.

Sport is rarely played in a calm quiet environment.

Managing the senses and Neural Feedback is a performance differentiator.

Taking the skill out of the gym and into the field of play.

Add the stress of competition and the neural stimulus can be overloading.

Neuro Sports uses world leading technology to track and train sensory input to maximise performance.

Multi Sensory Feedback


 'neural flow'

Real world bio-feedback at the core of your performance profiling.

Sensory information including



proprioception & kinaesthetics

music / noise



Eastablished biomarkers including

Homeostasis markers

Ecological markers


brain Waves

'In the ZONE'

Brain science

Detect and train the brain patterns that allow elite performance

Coaching cognition


'Quiet Eye'

World leading eye tracking

Quick and easy


Real time info

Cloud upload


Coach Module

Integrate multiple sensors into a Coach and Athlete focused coaching tool.

Simplifying the complexity of elite performance

Neuro Feedback
'in-field' and in real time
for the athlete and coach.
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Brain Wave Patterns
Eye Tracking leads the Body
Conventional physiology biomarkers

Neuro-SPORTS feedback

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Neuro-Sports in conjunction with the Dash Institute

Athlete customisable tools to act as a neuro launch pad (NLP) for athlete performance.

Utilizing the power of brain patterns to squeeze out more performance from an athletic body.


Sensory Flow of neurones is the underlying ability of athletic performance.

Neural Networks Strip image.png

SENSORY NERVES are the Keyboard.

BRAIN is the computer / processor.

MOTOR NEURONS the visable output.


Every step is dependant on neural feedback.

every step is an opportinity to improve accuracy and speed.

Optimising neural connectivity is the chance of improving performance.

So how can we recreate this ‘state of neural flow’?


1. Train the brain to 'drop into' the 'performance zone'.

2. Neural-plasticity through a neuro-rich skill training program.

3. Neural flow regulation up-regulation of neurotransmitters.

1. Train the brain

Neuro-sports uses  science and technology to assess brain patterns (electroencephalograph or EEG) to develop techniques to improve skill acquisition and delivery in those critical moments of competition.


Previously technologies were lab based and cumbersome. No using new technologies these research techniques can be used in Virtual Reality and most importantly the field of play. Modile wearable tech with real time bluetooth linkage to handset or phone provides simple interactive platform for the coach and athlete to open up objective and biometric methods of skill acquisition and refinement.

How can Neuro-Sports train different brain wave patterns to achieve flow or enter the zone?


First we need to understand the science.

Learning New Skills

In  sports performance we start out with beta brain waves to learn and process new skills. Then quickly move into alpha and eventually theta patterns when the so called muscle memory occurs.


Performing under pressure. Being in the Zone'

The flow state / ‘in the zone’ is achieved through our brains functioning at a specific brain pattern / frequency.

This is  called the Alpha-Theta Brain Wave Border where you are in the middle of your conscious and subconscious mind. It as if the world has slowed almost as if in the movie 'Matrix'. Thus perception of slowed time allows athletes to perform efficient movement and precise reactions to a complex environment or skill.

Neuro-Sports offers multiple strategies, these include

Modulation of existing training or new performance enhanced training whilst wearing monitoring devices. In the same way as you might monitor heart rate, speed or power. Using Neural Feedback training regimes can be optimised to the individual athlete to prepare athletes for the pressure moments.

More information Neural Feedback >>


2. Neural plasticity

Neuro-sports believes that 'muscle memory', as described by many, is more a process of neural plasticity and ambient brain wave processing(cognition).

To support neuro plasticity we need to support NGF and BDNF.

Neural Factors and Brain Derived Neural Factors.

Sipplementsand a modified diet support both NGF and BDNF and are crucial in neural palticity and hence skill acquisition and brain function.

More information Neuroplasticity, NGF and BDNF >>


3. Nerve Flow

To support the brain and nerves we have to support the neurotransmitters implicated in attaining the Zone State.


Optimising neural transmission is dependant on

Nutrition >>>  neuro-nutrition

Correct stimulation  >>>  neuro-exercise and neuro-sensory control

Modulated neural noise >>>  in the zone