Don't 'burn out'.

Track and train to optimise training.


Plan the effective return to play.

Monitor to Peak for Performance.


'Burn Out' &/or 'Brain Fog'

Over Training or Concusssion

Over-training or competing like concussion can cause

'burn out' or 'brain fog'.

neuro-sports modulated stimulation techniques offer a solution.

Don't accept that fatigue, both physical and mental fatigue is inevitable. Techniques based in neuro-science can be used to peak and maintain performance for longer.

Biomarkers can be used to predict and monitor 'burn out', then neuro-sports techniques can control an elevated performance envelope.

Biomarkers for burn-out

Biomarkers of Burn Out include


Pro-inflammatory markers

Cambridge Cognitive Scores.
Eye movement and pupil changes.


Mobile Apps for Relaxation

Mindfulness training

Blue light glare

Nutritional Support

Diet or Supplementary Support of burn-out
Modified diet for Neural Sporting Performance.

Amino acids to Neuro-Keto to Vitamins.
Neuro-Keto Diet: Train, Recover, Compete

Individualized program based on person, sport, phase of training.

Collaboration with S&C, Team Nutritionist or stand alone for individualized program.


Mobile Apps for Dietry

Neuro-keto diets

IONIC range of optimal neuro-sports

Sensory Modulation Training

Focused sensory training.
We are what we sense.

80% of neural inputs have a visual ( shared with the vestibular)

20%  of brain imput is balance and sense

10% auditory.


Mobile App. Neuro-Multi-Sensory.

Integrated S&C, Real World Training Ground Schedules

Eye Tracking: Virtual Reality or Training Ground.