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Faster nerve and information transmission

New fast pass pathways

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Nerves and brain training

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Many of the worlds best athletes are upgrading to include the speed & power of Neuroscience to gain a competitive edge.

Delivering world leading innovative strategies to improve athletes performance by tapping into the role played by the Neural System.

Too much has been focused on the body architecture (muscular skeletal system). The Neural system including brain pathways both guides and instructs the body.

So much as the software defines the performance of a computer, the nervous system drives the body.

New technologies have enabled us to see how the body of an athlete work within the field of play, opening up opportunities to refine techniques and understand how the pattern of Neural instruction enables elite performance.

This can be integrated into conventional training programs to reach higher levels of:

  • Speed

  • Skill

  • Endurance

  • Performing Under Pressure

Athletes are individual. As no two bodies are the same, no two personalities are the same.

A customisable program using the 'best in class' technologies and specialists provides the ultimate performance for athletes,. With this comes the possibilities of new techniques, expanding and extending the performance envelope of the human body.

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Neuro-Sports Board

Find a NEURO Specialist.

All board members are from the Sports Science and Technology Disciplines, offering  diverse expertise from different sports and disciplines with a truly international spread.


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Train the nerves as you might train your muscles.

Supporting nerve activity means the muscles get stronger, proprioception improves and reactions get quicker.

Take the guesswork out of training, proprioception and strength.

“The neural pathways and the brain define how we respond to stimuli. By supporting the neural pathways and cortical funtions we can improve the speed and accuracy of acquisition, enabling improved brain processing/decision making and quicker more accurate motor responses, all coming together as a Neural Pathway to elite athletic performance,” Dr. Nick Dash , who is the CEO and founder of Neuro-Sports Academy, said in a recent interview.

"In the last decade or so, one of the most important discoveries in the world of science is that the brain & nerves have plasticity, that is neural networks continuously rewires and reshapes pathways. I like to think that training using neuroscience is best described as upgrading the software that drives the body to learn new tricks and skills."

“We’re actually changing the brain’s performance in a very profound and measurable way."


The concept of neuroperformance started in the scientific arena and then moved into the military arena. Neuro-Sports is at the forefront of bringing this to probably the most important place where it’s going to be used, in sports.”

Neuroscience makes it possible to measure the brain, train the brain, and upgrade the brain in the same way elite athletes have been measuring, training, and improving their performance ‘below the neck’ for centuries.


Neuro-Sports is one of a few select organizations that are pioneers in a new, neuroperformance-driven world that focuses on what’s happening during the transmission of information from the real world, to the brain, to the finger tip, during elite sports training and competition.

Combining neurofeedback, applied neuroscience, and cognitive training to rewire and upgrade the brain — professional athletes experience game-changing improvements.

Neuro-Sports is committed to approaching neuro-sports-performance from a rigorous scientific perspective making them a trusted leader in this space.