The eyes lead the body. Eye tracking and Bio-Feedback is a game changer in sport at all levels.

Eye tracking delivers on skill acquisition and execution

"out of the lab and into the field of play"

Real time bluetooth to hand held device provides coach and athlete vital information.

"It is a real game changer in sporting performance and has allowed me to make those big money putts".

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Eyes guide skill execution

Neuro-Sports brings the technology to the field of play.

Eye movements

differenciate elite from sub-elite.

Access to the Zone through emersion through  Quiet Eye


Eye Tracking

in field of play


skill acquisition

skill execution

an 'in play trigger '

to perform under pressure

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Quiet Eye

Eastablished biomarkers including

Homeostasis markers

Ecological markers


PUPIL Trackers

World leading eye tracking

Quick and easy


Real time info

Cloud upload


Brain science

Detect and train the brain patterns that allow elite performance

Coaching cognition


Integrate multiple sensors into a Coach and Athlete focused coaching tool.

Simplifying the complexity of elite performance

New in 2020: Eye Tracking Tech with coaching module.

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NEW : 2020 Pupil Device​


Neuro-Sports has the newest in Eye Tracking Technology that brings world leading technology in an athlete friendly and coach intuitive device.


The first eye tracking device that truly looks and feels like a normal pair of glasses, featuring:

  • no calibration - quick set up

  • sleek design - the device is like a normal sunglass

  • instant gaze data - real time coachinginformation

  • quiet eye and dwell time - the indicator of elite level performance

  • cloud based data storage

  • powered by deep learning

  • integration into the Neuro-Sports multi sensing device to incorporate othert biosensors and external data (force plates)

  • integrated with brain wave sensing 


With  Eye Tracking integration into Neuro-Sports we can quantifying and visualizing eye tracking data with 'hotspots' and automated gaze mapping. Integrating brain wave sensingwith Eye Tracking it allows an opportunity to training the athlete to drop into 'competition mode' and 'get into the zone' at the crucial moments of competition.


Application in Soccer

Advances in technology, sports science and neurosciences has allowed neuro-sports and Dash Institute to design efficient and innovating sport training paradigms and technologies for training and the field of play.


Neuro-Sports is at the forefront of using NeuroFeedback (NF). Facilitating athletes to  self- regulate specific brain rhythms and consequently improve their performances.


Neuro-sports studies with elite level soccer goalkeepers has convcentrated on the central focus whilst retaining peripheral awareness. This is scientifically called Covert Visual Spatial Attention (CVSA).  This is achieved through the ambient brain patterns associated with being in the zone where there is a Top Down Modeling of the sports arena. As suggested this is a brain derived process where cognition of the field of play is achieved and allows multiple objects to be tracked and assigned to a 3 dimentional awareness of the field of play.


Nearly all field sports players use this to track a primary object whilst retaining a brain map of what is happening in the periphery and paracentral areas of vision.

A secondary project using biosensors, brain wave analysis and eye tracking in VR and on teh field of play has offered insights into the process of saving penalties and penalty taking.

Firstly  : The goal keepers

1. prediction success using early visual cues prior to the penalty being struck.

2. quiet eye process 

3. brain patterns of alpha theta

4. CVSA and top down modelling of visual scene

5. reaction speed


Secondly : The penalty taker

1. target processes, eye tracking and EEG

2. visualisation and brain wave analysis

3. pre-event biosensing, EEG and eye tracking

4. eye tracking for ballstriking

5. player customised tarining efficacy

This illustrates the neurological basis of skill acquisition and performinng under pressure that is believed to be true all soccer players, American Football, Basketball, Golf and most other sports.

Further investigations are indicated to refine the techniques and training opportunities for specific sports and indivual athletes within the sports.