Skill acquisition and execution.                        Performing under pressure.

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The first to bring real performance neuroscience benefits to the field of play.


Perfect Practice makes Perfect

Priming the brain with TDCS has proven improvement in muscle memory & motor responses. 

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Stimulation of the Brain with neuro-stim®

Trans Dermal Cranial Stimulation



Evidence based device to prime the brain.

Pain free and comfortable device.

Simply wear a headband or headphones to prime the brain patterns to improve




Recommended use within Neuro-Prime®

Custom training guided by Neuro-Tracking.

'deliberate practice' charged by tDCS

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Improving Neural Plasticity improves neural networks that build 'muscle memory


Priming your Cranial Nerves optimises trigger and improves conditioning.


Elevating your endurance through priming your training.


Integrate multiple activities to charge condition, skill acquisition and performance.


What is tDCS?

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, or simply tDCS, is a non-invasive neurostimulation technology, used to modulate neuronal activity and increase synaptic plasticity by applying a low-intensity current to the scalp through two or more electrodes.

The method can affect the activation of neuronal networks but is not strong enough to initiate non-existing neuronal activity. tDCS is used by both clinicians and researchers, and with PlatoScience, it is now safe to use by the general public.


Does tCDS activate Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to change over time and to adapt to the skills you need. Although the brain is not technically a muscle, it works in a very similar way. 

By enhancing neuroplasticity with tDCS, you can improve your brain’s ability to adapt when you learn new skills. The effects of multiple stimulation sessions are found to have beneficial effects even in healthy people, especially if neurostimulation is done in combination with a task. 


How do we know when tDCS - work?

The functionality of tDCS is based on a novel network-based stimulation approach, in which mental states are induced by differential modulation of large-scale cortical networks in the brain, as well as their balance across hemispheres.

Stimulating your brain with tDCS will only work if your brain ‘works with it’. tDCS primes your neurons to perform faster, but it only works if you yourself activates them. No input - no effect. This means that you need to activate the stimulated area of the brain to achieve the optimal and desired effect. So, the effects of tDCS depend not only on the stimulation site but also on the task you are performing.

 Neuro-Prime® Platform for athletic excellence.

Nick Dash Neuro-Optometrist and Sports Specialist