Technology in



Eye tracking

Eye tracking and with it pupil assessment is to be a standard feature of a new generation of smartphones, laptops and desktop monitors. Setting the stage easier and faster ways of obtaining data to diagnose and therapies for concussion.
Nick Dash Sports Vision Specialist says "experiences with beta version of customisable smart phone apps and devices will offer quicker more accurate remote  evaluation and this then can be linked with therapy techniques"

VR headset (VR)

eye tracking is seen as the technology complementing VR.
VR is about immersion of this technology within a controlled environment.

Tobii, Eyefluence, Eye Tribe, Fove Oculus, NVIDIA and  SMI, are joining with some of the big boys, Google and Facebook to  bring eye tracking to both standalone VR head-mounted displays and smartphones.


This drive in technology development and innovation is bringing tools to improve concussion management.

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